Track Record

Since inception in 2004, Montage Partners has invested over $47 million of equity across 13 companies with combined enterprise value in excess of $113 million. These 13 companies represent more than 740 employees, total greater than $230 million of combined revenue, and compete in diverse industries, including aerospace, food and beverage, technology, business services, industrial distribution, and niche manufacturing.

We exist to provide liquidity and to serve as a supportive capital partner to ensure that a company’s successful legacy is preserved. We don’t invest in start-ups. We don’t seek distressed situations. And we don’t rely on leverage to generate returns. We seek to generate returns the old-fashioned way – by growing the cash flows of a business.

When we make an investment, we win together with our partners, through teamwork, not at one another’s expense. No surprises. Long-term relationships and respect for the fact that people define a great company.