People work with people they like and trust. We will never lose sight of the fact that it’s people who make our firm successful and it’s people who have made the companies we invest in successful.


    If we know, you will know. We believe in profoundly transparent, honest relationships. We win together with our partners, through teamwork, not at one another’s expense. We expect profound transparency within our firm and in our relationships with our partners at the companies in which we invest. Yes, this includes during the transaction process. No surprises – that’s our commitment.


    We protect our reputation – as individuals and as a firm – in every decision we make and every action that we take. Nothing is more important. We don’t cut corners and we don’t sacrifice long-term success for short-term gains.


    We aspire to excellence – as individuals and as a firm – not just as a driver of financial performance, but because we believe there is something intrinsically important in being the best.


    We have great respect for the work required to make a company successful and great respect for the work required to continue a company’s successful legacy. We’re selective. We take very seriously the decision of who we partner with – we expect that our partners take the decision of who they partner with equally as seriously. With common high standards, we find mutual respect.


    We hold ourselves accountable. When we invest in a company, we are as accountable to you as you are to us. We don’t live in an ivory tower, observing from above. We contribute and we deliver on our commitments – to the companies we invest in and to one another.