Our criteria

Each company we invest in becomes a part of our lives – thus, we’re highly selective with the investments we make. We don’t invest in start-ups or distressed businesses. We’re happy to pay an attractive purchase price to invest in strong companies and to partner with great people. Because we value transparency and respect, we promise to respond in a timely manner to all inquiries.


    $7 MILLION

  • Headquartered in the U.S. or Canada

  • Operating in technology and professional services, healthcare, industrial products and services, or consumer sectors





types of transactions

While we have worked with many different companies in a variety of situations, the three most common transaction types we engage in are recapitalizations, management buyouts, and corporate spinouts.

Founder Recapitalizations

These transactions typically center around founder-owned businesses where the founder is seeking full or partial liquidity, either to retire or to diversify their net worth. We also provide growth capital through recapitalizations.

We provide this capital to those who have spent years of their life building great companies. Whether the founder continues to lead the company or chooses to exit the business, we make it a priority to support the company’s leadership in executing on growth initiatives.

Most Recent Recapitalization

Management Buyouts

In situations where founders seek full (or substantially full) liquidity and retirement, or perhaps have already stepped away from day-to-day operations, we support a company’s management team by providing capital and other resources to help them acquire the company.

This results in a win-win, whereby a founder is able to retire with the peace of mind that their company is left in responsible hands, and the management team becomes meaningful owners in the company going forward as they continue to build on historical success.

Most Recent Management Buyout

Corporate Spinouts

Managers of a successful corporate division may find that their division isn’t a core business for the parent, or a larger corporation isn’t agile enough. To further grow the business, it may make sense to spin out from the corporate parent, creating independence and unlocking personal ownership.

We provide capital to support management in acquiring the division from the corporate parent and assist in establishing independence and investing in growth.

Most Recent Corporate Spinout