Successor President Program™

Are you an experienced manager who has successfully led a company or division within a larger entity? Perhaps you’re frustrated with the bureaucracy of working within a large organization, and wish you could lead your own company. Or, have you always wanted to own a company but don’t have the capital or time to search for and acquire an established business?

That’s where we come in: we can partner with you as a primary capital provider to acquire a successful business in conjunction with you. We work with you to search for the best business to buy, lead the due diligence process, and support you and the company as you transition into the President and CEO role post-closing, succeeding the owner or founder. 

The number of privately-held businesses in the US.1

Of those companies are owned by baby boomers, who will be or are already looking to retire or exit their businesses.2

Common problem among many of these businesses is the lack of a succession plan.

The opportunity is there for proven, focused buyers who can not only provide desired liquidity, but also solve for the succession issue.

Intrigued? Download our summary of the Successor President Program or email resumes to rwolfman@montagepartners.com.

Current Executive Partner

Mike Friend is an entrepreneurial leader with over 30 years of strategic and operations management in the manufacturing industry. Mike has successfully navigated the entire business cycle from start-up to exit, spearheading two separate greenfield start-ups, growing the companies beyond the incubator stage to long-term sustainability, and ultimately transitioning ownership to new acquirers. As Founder, President and General Manager of his prior companies, Mike is well-versed in leading organizations with a people-centric, hands-on approach that results in highly profitable and high-performing companies.

Mike founded Integrity Mold, an Arizona-based leading supplier of custom injection molding and tooling services for customers with highly engineered plastic components, in 2005 and led the company as President and General Manager until 2019. Montage Partners invested in Integrity Mold in 2015 alongside Mike, who led the sale of the company to Westfall Technik in 2017. Mike holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Arizona State University.

Mike and Montage Partners will focus on manufacturing and industrial service companies located in Arizona and southern California. Target size includes companies between $5 million and $50 million in revenue, with greater than $1 million of EBITDA.

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