Thank You for Registering for Selling Your Business: An Intimate Discussion With Founders

Discussion Topics Include:

  • Founders’ expectations and fears going into the transaction
  • How to navigate the sale process while continuing to steer the business forward
  • How reality stacked up to founders’ expectations
  • How to prepare mentally and practically for a sale
  • Legal and tax considerations of a sale
  • Financial planning related to selling all or part of your business
  • The role of a bank in the transaction
This panel discussion will take place virtually on the GoToWebinar platform, which can be accessed through your browser or by downloading the app.
How to Attend
  • On April 29 at 9:00 AM PDT click on the “Join Webinar” link in the email you received when you registered
  • If you cannot locate the email, please email bawtry@montagepartners.com to resend the email
  • GoToWebinar will open to the live event
  • While your camera and microphone will be off, please feel free to submit questions to the panelists via the “Questions” button

Meet Our Panelists