Montage Partners Joins UN-supported Principles for Responsible Investment

March 27, 2023

SCOTTSDALE, AZ – Montage Partners, a people-first private equity firm dedicated to helping established businesses reach transformative growth, is pleased to announce that it has become a signatory of the United Nations-supported Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI).

The UN-supported PRI is a global network of institutional investors working together to put responsible investment into practice. The voluntary principles aim to provide a framework for integrating environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) considerations into investment decision-making and ownership practices.

“Becoming a PRI signatory was a natural extension of our values-based approach to investing,” says Jordan Tate, co-Managing Partner of Montage Partners. “The Principles align with our six core values, our culture, and how we evaluate and govern our investments.”

The Principles align well with Montage Partners’ multi-stakeholder mindset, which emphasizes creating great work environments, transparency, being good citizens of the communities in which its companies operate, and respect for the environment. Among other evaluation criteria, Montage has viewed ESG considerations as a relevant indicator of the quality of a company’s culture and the quality of its management team. Montage operates upon the foundation of six core values: transparency, integrity, excellence, mutual respect, accountability, and most importantly, people.

“We’re pleased to welcome Montage Partners as a signatory to the PRI,” says David Atkin, CEO at the PRI. “Firms that integrate ESG factors into their investment activity are demonstrating their commitment to investing for the long-term benefit of their clients. We welcome Montage Partners’ commitment to responsible investment and look forward to working with the firm as a valued signatory in the future.”

As a signatory, Montage Partners will have access to resources and best practices to help enhance its diligence and post-closing governance processes to ensure the firm continues to live up to its values and is a great steward to the companies in which it invests. Montage Partners commits its capital and resources to build great companies that have positive cultures. These companies embody capitalism at its best – as the most powerful and sustainable form of economic organization to provide opportunity to people at scale and to positively contribute to the communities in which each company operates and the world at large.

“We view our values as a way to help the highest-caliber founders and management teams that care deeply about the people and culture of their companies get a glimpse into how we operate so that we can ensure a win-win partnership,” says Rob Wolfman, co-Managing Partner of Montage Partners. “Being a signatory of the Principles for Responsible Investment is another way we can demonstrate these values to our future partners.”

Read more about the UN-supported PRI here.

About Montage Partners

Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, Montage Partners is a people-first private equity firm dedicated to helping established businesses reach transformative growth. Montage Partners invests in companies in the business services, consumer, industrial, and technology industries. Above all other investment criteria, Montage Partners invests in exceptional people. Montage Partners is actively seeking new investments in companies in the U.S. with EBITDA between $1.5 million and $7 million.